Timetabling Optimization with the Open Source TimeFinder Software

TimeFinder is not maintained any longer!

Please have a look into Unitime or FET!


Optimizing a timetable isn't a trivial task: all persons can only have one event at a time, sufficient locations should be available and other preferences should be recognized. With TimeFinder's algorithm this is simple: just click "optimize" and you are done.
TimeFinder is a free software which automatically optimizes schedules of schools and universities. The algorithm is able to optimize the timetable of hundreds of events and persons within minutes.
Manual timetabling for the human timetabler will be easier via a graphical user interface. The calendar component shows all events of a person and gives a good overview of the current timetable. Data can be exported and imported in xml and text formats.

When TimeFinder could be useful for you?
TimeFinder will be useful for your university or high school to make your timetable better and to support your human timetabler. Your institute will have savings because of the computer optimized timetable. With TimeFinder all locations and man-power will be efficiently used.

Why you should choose TimeFinder?
TimeFinder is easy to use and it comes with an intuitive graphical user interface. TimeFinder is a free software (open source) for timetabling and so, it is absolutely free and your institute will be independent of a company. And TimeFinder will run on nearly any operating system like Linux, Windows and Mac Os X, because it is written in Java.
You are free to support TimeFinder with money if you like to make it better!

Happy Timetabling!