Java 6 is required to run TimeFinder!
Please contact us if you have problems or questions!

2009 v4

Download the latest version of TimeFinder (~9 MB)

Installation: right click the jar file and open it with Java 6
or execute it via 'java -jar timefinder-version.jar' from command line.

Or start it directly here Start TimeFinder
In rare cases this fails under windows. Then try to execute it via command line (cmd):

2009 v1

Download an older version of TimeFinder from sourceforge (~17MB)
Installation: unzip and double click on the run file. Or execute 'bash' from command line.

Development Versions

Get the latest jar here. (~9 MB)
Installation: double click or execute 'java -jar timefinder-VERSION.jar' from command line.

For future plans please look here.