Features of v4 - Released in November 2009
  • A powerful algorithm to optimize the timetable.
  • An easy to use user interface with the help of the spring rich client and tables to manipulate persons, events, locations and features.
  • German and English interface
  • Cloning entities
  • Anonymize data
  • A calendar component to view the events of every persons or location.
  • Import and export functionality from/to a TimeFinder-xml-file.
  • Export timetables as HTML (e.g. for web or printing).
  • Auto-import for the last imported file
  • Import from the dataformat of the International Timetabling Competition 2007/2008 (track2).
  • Import of data from JavaOne 2009.


The publishing date of v5 should be somewhere in 2010.
  • Support for more constraints of the optimization algorithm
  • Support for SQL databases
  • A new entity 'course' which holds several events and has properties like noOfTimeslots, maxEventsPerDay, maxEventsPerWeek, minTimeslotsBetweenEvents With this entity it is possible to generate the conflict matrix which is necessary for the algorithm.